Imagine having ‘vacation sex’ every day for a month. Imagine having that carefree, easy breezy playtime, just like you do (or might do) on holidays.

Do you and /or your partner imagine a sex life that’s more connected, more passionate, braver or more connected? Do you start a few little routines or rituals, but after the initial excitement wears off, you struggle to stick with the process of prioritizing your pleasure?

If you’re like most of the people I work with, I’ll bet the answer is likely “yes.”

My name is Cyndi Darnell. I am a clinical sexologist and sex / relationship coach and the creator of the 30 Days of Amazing Sex Program.

Whether you’re trying to develop some regularity to your sex life or you want to experience more pleasure, or you want to just totally transform your sex life with a new partner, an old partner or just by yourself— most of us have no trouble kick starting something that’s new, exciting and a big change in our lives.

 30 Days of amazing sex is designed with people like you in mind. This is a kick–ass coaching program designed to motivate you and keep you on track having sex and keeping sex front of mind for 30 days. Whether partnered or solo you’ll find the activities, resources, suggestions and instructions invigorating, inspiring and totally doable. Better still I’ll give you tips on how to stay focused right to the very end to see just what happens if you apply yourself to sex for 30 whole days.

Research suggests that habits generally take 21 days to embed themselves. Instead we are going for 30 just to make sure. This is a quick and powerful experiential course to help you decide what’s most important, to eliminate what’s not, to examine where your erotic motivations are and to make doing the play and habits that you need to make, as effortless as possible.

The magic is not just in the content – the magic is in the execution. Together we will make this program work for you. Sharing inspiration and ideas from others taking the course within the school here, will keep you on-track and inspired.

I can tell you without hesitation that THIS incentive — the ability to focus on what pleasures matter, to take ownership of these truths and to allow them to exist as priorities alongside sleep, drinking water, getting nutrients and maintaining personal hygiene —has been essential to me as a sexual being at every stage of my life and continues to be as I am now embarking on my 25th year studying, exploring and teaching sexuality and pleasure.

Join me for 30 days of amazing sex. You’ll be really glad you did.

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